PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA was established on 25 May 1974 as a joint venture with investment contributed by PT. HUTAMA KARYA of Indonesia and TAKENAKA CORPORATION of Japan. At the beginning, the company was registered under the name of PT. HUTAMA TAKENAKA CORPORATION INDONESIA.

In 1999, TAKENAKA CORPORATION became the main shareholder and the company name was changed to PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA.

PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA is a general contractor that offers clients integrated design-and-build services of buildings, incorporating feasibility study, planning, design, construction and maintenance, which is believed to be the optimal solution for delivering quality assurance in the construction business.

Under this design-and-build scheme and with experience garnered over the years working in Indonesia, PT. TAKENAKA INDONESIA is able to carry out and complete high quality projects that suit the topographical, geological and climatic conditions in Indonesia, within the shortest possible construction time, with very competitive prices and occupational health, safety, and environmental considerations in mind.