Management Philosophy

Contribute to society by passing on the best works to future generations.

Company Policy

Take the path of truth, keep good faith and be steadfast; Be industrious and fulfill your responsibilities; Devote yourself to your work with discipline; Act in harmony with the organization and pursue prosperity for all of society.

Seeking realization of a sustainable society

Since the founding of our business, we have consistently provided architectural structures that respond to the expectations of our customers based on our management philosophy, “Contribute to society by passing on the best works to future generations.” The role that corporations are called on to play in society changes with the times. Today they are being asked to contribute to solving large numbers of problems confronting our world on a global scale, including such issues as climate change and overpopulation. We wish to maintain a sensitivity to change at all times. To this end, we will continue our ongoing dialog with people everywhere and our diligent efforts to improve our technologies with the aim of providing optimal solutions to the needs of the era. By leveraging the strengths of our whole corporate group, we will contribute to urban creation by building cities and towns where people can live in safety and security, and to achieving a sustainable society with the aim of establishing a path to a better future for the earth.

Toichi Takenaka 
Honorary Chairman of the Board
Masato Namba 
Chairman of the Board

"Urban Creation" with prosperity and peace of mind

Architectural firms such as ours are required to meet constantly changing challenges. These include preparing against natural disasters, dealing with limits imposed on us by environmental and energy issues, developing more stable and abundant national lands, fostering regional revitalization, and constructing cities and infrastructure around the world, Meanwhile, cities and buildings are expected to fulfill increasingly sophisticated and diversified functions in today’s era of changing lifestyles and corporate activities, where companies are increasingly globalizing their operations and ICT is developing in dramatic ways, as demonstrated by AI and big data.

As a company engaged in the construction industry, we believe that it is our responsibility to properly meet the needs of modern society, and to continue to satisfy continual expectations for safety and security in an honest and reliable manner. Based on our corporate philosophy, the cornerstone of our business, we will continue to pursue “Takenaka Quality Management (TQM)”, and we are committed to promoting activities that contribute to a sustainable society through “urban creation” with prosperity and peace of mind, thereby continuing to enable people to lead happy, fulfilling lives.



Masato Sasaki