Thai Takenaka Training Center



"TAKSA", literally translated to "skill" in the Thai language, is the name of the building facility housing the Thai Takenaka Technical Training Field. It conforms to the Corporate Philosophy of Takenaka Corporation, Japan, which aims at developing a company highly-skilled in quality workmanship that contributes to society by passing on the best works to future generations.


  • All facilities and mock-ups will reflect the present problems of Thai Takenaka International Ltd.
  • The same standard of training will be applied to Thai and Japanese staff.
  • Continuous training will be conducted and managed by Thai staff.
  • Increase the understanding of newly-allocated Japanese staff.


To offer experienced-based training specifically by “Looking, Touching and Realizing”

"By Looking" Learn visually through full-size models, displays and panels
"By Touching" Learn the importance of quality control by touching examples of actual defects
"By Realizing" Think, judge and instruct independently through practical training using RC mock-ups

Passing TAKENAKA knowledge & Technical know-how to the next generation


Training Facility